RC 3D Printed Robotic Hand

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Biologically inspired technology is currently a major field of interest in engineering. A point of focus in humanoid robotics is the development of systems presenting humanlike features destined to interact with a human-centered environment.

One especially interesting biological system is the human hand. The limb is strong enough to carry heavy weights, and at the same time precise and flexible enough to carry out the most gentle operations. The integration of a robotic human-like hand to a remotely controlled humanoid robot opens a wide range of applications but increases the complexity of its controller.


In this project the aim was to build in a short amount of time a remotely operated robotic hand with five controllable fingers, each having a joint powered by a single servo motor, and connected by a wrist joint with 2 degrees of freedom.

We used the InMoov project schemes as the basis of our 3D printed parts, and modified it to fit our requirements. Servo motors for the joints were placed inside the forearm and connected to the joint using

fishing line with low elasticity.

The servo motors are controlled via an on-board Arduino and teleoperated through a Leap motion sensor which enables detection of motion of the operator’s hand with a reported 12mm accuracy.

The hand could be used in various operations where presence of human beings is not possible, and precision of human hand movement is needed. Final product could be mounted on various platforms.

This project has been developed in collaboration with Borna Vukadinovic and Marsela Polic.