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GarrisonButler is a bot-base for Honorbuddy, a popular World of Warcraft bot.

The logic of the bot is written in C#. The configuration interface is written in Javascript/HTML, using libraries such as AngularJS, and connected via a COM link to the C# base code.

8000+ daily users on 2 different versions, representing more than 156 years of up-time for the software.


Users are getting tired of the nonsense of modern games where mechanics are introduced with the sole purpose to hook the users to their screen or make more money.
Gaming used to be fun and users want it back, even if they have to go on the dark side.

GarrisonButler was also my way to cope with the death of my brother by focusing my pain and anger toward learning new skills.


As Product owner, Developer, Marketing specialist, Community manager… a one man army working in the underground scene of automation for video games.

Products have been discontinued in summer 2015 due to a breach of contract from the marketplace, but the source code has been released to the public on GitHub.